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At Boden Solar Electric, we offer appropriate energy solutions that provide personal comfort through proven innovations that let you take control of your energy needs. Our custom design systems, whether off grid or grid tie, can give you continuous energy security, reduce your utility bill and add value to your home.


As a total system Licensed Electrical Contractor we can take care of all your electrical needs in the  Residential, Commercial and Industrial field. Our qualified personnel are able to deal with all phases of electrical design, installation,   maintenance and energy management


Please contact us today at 705 783 3625 or enquire by email ( click here ) to customize an energy solution just for you.


Welcome to Boden Solar Electric, your first choice for Solar Installations in Muskoka. Whether you are looking to supplement your energy costs or intend to be self sufficient Boden Solar Electric is here to help you with your Solar Installations in the Muskoka region. Visit us again at bodensolar.com for more information!

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